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Haley Appoints Mike Campbell

Governor Nikki Haley has appointed Mike Campbell to the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission to serve the remainder of Andrea Roche’s term, who announced her resignation earlier this month.

Court of Appeals case could allow increased exposure for spine claims.

A recent Court of Appeals case could allow increased exposure for spine claims with radiculopathy.

2014 Legislative Update

The South Carolina State Legislature is back in session, and five pre-bills have been filed regarding Workers’ Compensation.

New Laws for Worker’s Compensation Claims

The South Carolina General Assembly has approved the proposed Regulation requiring mediation in some Workers’ Compensation claims. The new Regulation will take effect around June 28, 2013.

Disability Denied When Employee was Fired for Not Adhering to Policy

Turner Padget attorneys, Cindy Dooley and Sam Sammataro, have just won a huge victory before the South Carolina Supreme Court on the issue of payment of temporary total disability benefits following a claimant’s termination.

S.C. Supreme Court Defines “Physical Brain Damage” to Mean More than Just a Minor Concussion

The South Carolina Supreme Court recently filed opinions in two cases regarding brain injuries, and these cases make clear that an injured employee’s burden of proof in establishing a brain injury and entitlement to lifetime benefits has been heightened. In Sparks v. Palmetto Hardwood, Inc. (Op. 27229 March 6, 2013), the court limited compensability of brain injury claims where lifetime benefits are requested to only those brain injuries that are “both permanent and severe.” This rule was reaffirmed and explained in further detail in Crisp v. SouthCo., Inc. (Op. 27230 March 6, 2013).

Maximum Weekly Compensation Rate Increases for 2013

According to the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission, the maximum weekly compensation rate will increase to $743.72 for injuries that take place on and after January 1, 2013.

Bone v. U. S. Food Service

Question Presented: Whether a decision by the Circuit Court reversing the Workers’ Compensation Commission’s denial of compensability is directly appealable.

Employee’s Rights to Temporary Total Disability Benefits and Termination

Case Law Analysis: Cranford v. Hutchinson Construction, Op. No. 4939 (Ct. App. 2012)

The Changing Face of the Commission

If there is anyone who has been out of the loop with the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission for the past few months, what they will see when they come back are some significant changes in the Commission itself.