Belcher Obtains Summary Judgment for Employer

Reggie Belcher represented a trucking company in this matter.  Plaintiff alleged significant and severe injuries, claiming that he contracted a serious skin disease from a co-worker while driving a truck for his employer on cross-country trips.  He alleged that when he reported the issue to the company's safety manager, the company failed to take effective measures to stop or contain the contagious disease and instead ridiculed him by playing a prank on him.  He sued the company for gross negligence, negligent supervision, negligent retention, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.  In addition, Plaintiff was a newlywed, and his wife sued the company in a separate lawsuit, alleging loss of consortium.  The total demand was $3,500,000.  Reggie moved to dismiss both cases, contending that the South Carolina Workers' Compensation Act pre-empted all of the claims, as it was the exclusive remedy for Plaintiffs. The Court granted the motion, dismissing both cases.  

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