2014 Legislative Update

The South Carolina State Legislature is back in session, and five pre-bills have been filed regarding Workers’ Compensation.

House bill number 3141, sponsored by Todd Rutherford, proposes to have the Workers’ Compensation Commissioners elected by the General Assembly rather thanappointed by the Governor. The bill has been referred to the Committee on Labor, Commerce and Industry. This is not the first time this proposal has been filed at the State House, and, as in the past, we expect this bill will not pass.

House bill number 3147, sponsored by Tommy Pope, proposes to add a requirement that mental illness injuries are not compensable if the event causing the mental illness was due to normal relations between an employee and his or her employer. The bill is currently up for a request for debate.

Senate bill number 0826, sponsored by Luke Rankin, proposes to allow a first and second test from a single sample for Merit Rating drug testing for workers’ compensation insurance. The bill has been referred to the Committee on Banking and Insurance.

Senate bill number 0424, sponsored by Larry Martin, and House bill number 3632, sponsored by Murrell Smith, Jr., propose changes to the Commission’s funding. The House bill proposes the Commission to retain a portion of the maintenance tax revenue to pay Commission employees while the Senate bill would allow the Commission to keep only a portion of self-insured tax assessments with the remainder of the assessments going to the state treasury.

          The Turner Padget Workers’ Compensation team will continue to keep you apprised of these bills throughout this year’s Session. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.



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